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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ARAA Home Care Provide Overnight Care?
Yes; ARAA Home Care family is trusted by clients to care overnight for loved ones.
Is There a Minimum Hourly Requirement for Care?
Yes; we require a (3) three-hour minimum commitment per caregiver shift. Our care plans are comprehensive, so we do not charge more for evenings or weekends.
Can I Receive a Quote Over the Phone?
Unfortunately, no; because our clients’ needs are so unique, we require an in-home, personal assessment. We will be able to provide you with pricing and care plan options after an assessment is completed.
Do You Accept Medicare or Medicaid?
Yes; we also accept private payment.
How is an Assessment Performed?
You can expect a member of our leadership team to conduct the initial in-home assessment for free. Following this meeting, we’ll be able to create a personalized care plan based on what we see, discuss, and agree on regarding challenges and goals.

To speak to a member of our family, or to schedule a free assessment, please contact us.